Bao Minh is proud to be a place to connect and develop talents in many fields. The company always opens its doors to welcome new members with enthusiasm, talent and desire to win; work together to build a reputable business and a highly competitive position in the market.

Come to Bao Minh
  • All members work in the spirit of cooperation and mutual support, with the same intention to build a united and strong Bao Minh family.
  • Professional, open and friendly working environment, creating the best conditions for each individual to prove and develop own capabilities.
  • Have a personal training and development plan in accordance with the aspirations, experiences, skills of each member as well as the general development orientation of the Company.
  • Having a reasonable remuneration policy based on the contributions of the members; promote fairness, transparency and always encourage creativity and innovation.
  • In addition to the development of professional capacity, Bao Minh always pays deep attention to the material and spiritual life of its employees. The leadership team is enthusiastic, always listening, understanding and keeping Bao Minh a harmonious organization, helping each member to always feel secure to work and dedicate themselves.